Frequently Asked Questions

How can SteriWze solutions benefit me?

A There are three beneficial values. First, it has a net cost benefit as the cost saving from staff efficiency created more than pays for its cost. Second, it offers an extrodinary internal and external marketing opportunity that translates in higher income and higher practice value. Third,  it ensures staff carry out the sterilization process according to regulatory standards and can reduce the likelihood of a costly patient complaint resulting in peace of mind which is, as they say in the Mastercard commercial, Priceless!!

Do you have a service package?

SterilWize offers ongoing service as part of its monthly fee. This also includes an updates made necessary by changing regulations or improvements in technology or integration of new equipment purchased.

How is the cost structure?

We provide the specialized tablets, installation and training at our costs only and charge a monthly fee that depends on the size of the office and number users. The monthly fee includes support, updates, access to other resources and discounts on courses related to IPAC.

Do you offer training programs

An intensive training program for the key office person in charge of sterilization is provided as part of the installation cost. In addition detailed training videos are provided via our software. On going training and support is provided online in various formats 24/7. SterilWize also embeds in the software short video tutorials for each stage of the sterilization process for easy direction to any staff member who may need assistance when performing one of the stages of the process.

How easy is it to become proficient with the system?

It is very simple to become proficient quickly and to train new staff quickly. It also guides the new user through the process with instant instructions along the way.

Who are your clients?

Our clients are any health care professional or institution, whether big or small, that has  needs as part of the service they provide.

How is information stored?

All data collected is immediately stored in a cloud based storage system. Daily reports are sent to the office for confirmation and secondary storage if desired. The system is capable of working with individual office practice management software to upload specific information to the patients electronic records on the specific sterilized instrument packages used for that patients treatment.

Do the Standards require the sterilization data to be part of the patient's personal records.?

The Standards do not require that individual patient records contain the detailed sterilization records for their treatment. Only overall daily records indicating the offices sterilization was being carried out properly is  required.  Many offices however have asked for the ability to have patient records with the sterilization record for the instruments used and SterilWize can cooperate with the office software provider to make this happen at time of treatment in a way that also protects patient privacy.

How is patient privacy protected?

The data collected is for the cassettes or packages related to a time and date and not for specific patients so in the unlikely event that an unauthorized party received this data it would not create any patient privacy concerns. Steriwize has an app based operating system that provides additional security and avoids unwanted internet intrusions like pop up advertisements or phising emails. If an office decides to upload individual information directly to the patient records it would only be delivered to the office software via encryption that would be a safe as the patient records provided by that software.

Are there any specific requirements offices need to use the SterilWize system?

If  an office has access to electrical outlets at the dirty and clean areas of their sterilization lab the system can be easily installed and if they have internet in the office it can operate.

Does SterilWize document all aspect of the IPAC requirements?

Sterilwize documents all aspects of the sterilization process. It also provides electronic forms necessary for daily records, a digital office manual that instructs staff on all IPAC requirements, training documents demonstrating all staff have received the necessary training and other protocols required by IPAC standards. In short, it can provide all the documents needed to provide to a regulatory inspector. It cannot demonstrate that such things outlined in the office manual such as hand washing, appropriate protective gear is being worn, proper instrument storage, puncture wound or eye splash protocol is done properly. That remains the responsibility of the IPAC Officer in each office.

Can an office promote their use of the SterilWize system to patients?

Not only are offices able to promote the SterilWize process to current patients or potential patients, SterilWize encourages it and will provide hand outs and online assets to do just that. Promotion of IPAC compliance features to patients in an important value that SterilWize offers customers interested in attracting new patients via internal or external marketing.

Comprehensive SterilWize Solutions

The system can be adapted to all situations where sterilization is used and documentation to demonstrate compliance is required.

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