STERILWIZE- The Most Comprehensive Automated System

SterilWize is the most comprehensive automated system to achieve compliance with data validation, while saving time, reducing human error, and automatically generating required IPAC reports.


With the ever-increasing demands of dentistry changing each day, the need for automation and digitalization for your dental practice is more important than ever.

Bonus: Paperless Covid -19 Consent, Screening & Reporting module at no extra cost.

The SterilWize instrument processing workflow management system will supervise all steps of your instrument processing Procedures, ensuring that all necessary steps are met, all necessary tests are correlated and each set of instruments is barcoded and tracked all the way from the beginning of the procedure to its use on a patient. With smart sterilizers, data can be collected directly from the sterilizers and correlated with BI incubator tests, BD tests and PCD tests.
Wristbands worn by the staff member are used to document which staff member was responsible for each step of the entire process, with automated time and date stamping. Built in AI technology also helps to read the results of the BD, BI, and PCD tests and to validate the results. Photographs of each BI, BD and PCD test are also stored in the system indefinitely. Data that would normally be stored on thermal paper printouts, is automatically collected from the smart sterilizers and stored electronically, thereby eliminating the risk of thermal paper printouts deteriorating over time.
All steps of the workflow are validated, and Reports are created automatically with all documentation needed to satisfy IPAC protocols. This system saves a tremendous amount of staff time and money, and it can ensure that there are no errors or omissions in the processes that could expose the dentist to a liability in the event of an inspection. In short, it delivers peace of mind to the dentist in regard to the instrument reprocessing cycle and documentation.
Some additional features are the “Resource Center”, and the “COVID-19 screening & documentation module” The Resource Center contains all pertinent documentation that applies to the province or state regulations, Office manuals, equipment manuals, along with continuing education videos and training videos to reinforce the necessary steps of the IPAC process. These are all Contained in this SterilWize tablet and on the web app and thereby eliminates the necessity of paper manuals or references in the sterilization area.
The new COVID-19 module provides a link for all patients to complete the necessary screening questionnaire from home or smartphone prior to entering the dental office for appointments. This data would then be merged with other data such as the patient temperature, which would be taken on entry to the building, and stored in SterilWize. A PDF report of the questionnaire and patient answers can be provided for storage in the Practice management system. This entire process can be accomplished without personal contact.
The Sterilwize system differs from all other barcoding or labelling systems currently on the market in Canada in one very important way. It starts collecting and recording data right from the beginning of the instrument reprocessing cycle including appropriate pre-sterilization requirements including biological indicator confirmation of equipment efficacy. No other system does this. Why is this important? First it completely validates the process as data is taken directly from the sterilizer rather than requiring manual input that could be inaccurate. Secondly, it significantly reduces staff time and potential human error. Thirdly, it allows for integration of all patient IPAC data in one convenient location.

What is SterilWize?

Why SterilWize?

SterilWize is the most comprehensive automated system to achieve compliance with data validation, while saving time, reducing human error, and automatically generating required IPAC reports.

Excerpts from oralhealth article.

"There are many opportunities for errors in instrument reprocessing, any of which may cause a failure of the sterilization process and potentially put patients at risk of an infectious disease transmission.
The RCDSO and PHAC have clear guidelines for instrument reprocessing, that if followed, will help to minimize the risk of processing errors. There are always the human factors to consider, however. OHCW’s may be inadequately trained and/or inexperienced, or they may be rushed due to scheduling or staffing issues.
No matter what the cause, reducing the possibility of human error in instrument reprocessing can significantly reduce the risk of an infection prevention breach, as well as reduce liability to a dental practice or facility.
Automating this process can reduce risk, increase compliance and enhance efficiency."

Managing records necessary for sterilization of Instruments and devices



Key Components to a Comprehensive IPAC Plan: Are You Ready for a Public Health Inspection?

About the Author. Susan McGuire, SQ Dental Services. Susan is an experienced Dental Consultant and Trainer. She is an expert at coaching and training staff to keep them up to date on specific and important areas of Regulatory

Covid 19: Implications for Returning to Practice

It now appears that dental offices will be allowed to open before Covid-19 is totally eliminated as a risk to patients and health care workers. Opening will be conditional on dental offices following all IPAC guidelines currently in place as well as potential new requirements. A new reality will be the much higher likelihood that your practice may be subject to an inspection by public health. To understand why it is important to understand the circumstances that trigger inspections of dental offices.

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SterilWize Overview

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Sterilization Workflow Management System


The SterilWize dashboard guides the staff member through the various steps of the sterilization process and if necessary can provide instant instructions and video demonstrations at any given step.


SterilWize ensures that each step in the Sterilization process is followed. The staff member performing each step of the process is automatically logged.

Data Collection and Storage

SterilWize automatically collects all necessary data and provides it to the clinic on a daily basis. Additionally, there is an encrypted cloud back-up of this data. 

The Sterilization records for each instrument set can also be linked directly to the specific patient appointment on which the instruments were used.

Custom Report Generation

Detailed sterilization records can be instantly produced for any given  time period, specific appointments or based on any other criteria.

These reports contain the data required by the various regulatory bodies & public health authorities to demonstrate compliance with the required standards.


SterilWize Customized Tablets

Sterilwize provides custom tablet computers whose dashboard is customized to the layout of your sterilization area and equipment.
This dashboard is an interactive command center for all sterilization activities. The command center is organized by zones and colour coded to integrate the workflow and instructions exactly the way the staff member experiences the process.


First, it provides assurances to the clinic owner that the procedures are carried out properly in accordance with required standards.


Instant digital documentation of all aspects of the sterilization process including staff member responsible,  biologic indicators,  the appropriate temperature, pressure and time specifications for the specific equipment used.


Offers the opportunity to demonstrate conclusively to a patient, regulator, or public health authority that appropriate sterilization standards have been met.

SterilWize System

Who Can Use SterilWize?

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