The Nuts & Bolts of Outsourcing in the Age of COVID-19

Michelle Podulsky, CEO of Unleashing Dentistry and Dr. Robert Carroll, Chief Dental Advisor of SterilWize welcomes you to join us in discussing the age of smart sterilization and how efficient use of systems in your practice can increase your bottom line. This webinar will be geared towards helping you enhance your effectiveness, create a more streamlined, organized, well-run patient serving machine, by building trust with your patients, to create a sense of security and give you peace of mind. Wondering how your practice can become more efficient in your daily activities? Not sure what can be outsourced or what can stay in-house and how does all that relate to your profit and bottom line? Join us to hear tips and tricks on how in these changing times, efficiency is more than just the obvious of saving time, energy, and money, it’s also about keeping your practice up to date and safe.

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Streamline your IPAC Workflow & Be COVID Compliant

As the dental offices reopen, IPAC process documentation and patient screening are more challenging than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Featuring Dr. Robert Carroll, Chief Dental Advisor and Susan McGuire, IPAC Trainer; this recorded webinar highlights streamlining your IPAC Workflow, being COVID Compliant as well as the use of the COVID-19 Contactless Screening & Consent module of SterilWize. The new SterilWize COVID-19 module is being offered at no cost to existing and new customers for a limited time. We think that this is a very timely solution to this otherwise time-consuming and labor-intensive new process.

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Top 10 Areas of IPAC Focus for 2021


Transitions Group reveals 10 key questions dental offices should be focused on to maximize protection and safety as we kick off 2021. Featuring Sonia Gracias (Transitions IPAC Coach), and Dr. Jordan Soll (SterilWize), this recorded webinar highlights compliance considerations, identify ways to avoid common mistakes, and suggest solutions both practical and cutting edge, that will benefit your practice in 2021.

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