COVID-19: Implications for Returning to Practice

May 14, 2020
by Dr. Robert Carroll, Chief Dental Advisor

It now appears that dental offices will be allowed to open before Covid-19 is totally eliminated as a risk to patients and health care workers. Opening will be conditional on dental offices following all IPAC guidelines currently in place as well as potential new requirements.

A new reality will be the much higher likelihood that your practice may be subject to an inspection by public health. To understand why it is important to understand the circumstances that trigger inspections of dental offices.

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Key Components to a Comprehensive IPAC Plan: Are You Ready for a Public Health Inspection?

February 4, 2020
by Susan McGuire, Professional Consultant & Trainer, Certified WHMIS Trainer, CDA Level II, OSAP Member, AGD/PACE approved provider

Are you compliant with the current regulated IPAC protocols in your clinic?

By now, every dentist should be acutely aware that changes are necessary to traditional IPAC processes. All clinics must now follow the latest protocols created by the Provincial Infectious Diseases Advisory Committee (PIDAC) and the RCDSO Standards of Practice for Infection Prevention and Control.

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